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What about things that are done wrong?

Yes, we make mistakes!  Anyone who says that they do not make mistakes is lying.  We know that mistakes cost us and our clients time and money.  We do everything humanly possible to not make mistakes.  The primary reason we keep our employees full-time is to minimize mistakes.  When we do make a mistake we fix it.

We will never point the finger at someone else; we are your contractor, and no matter who made the mistake we will stay with it until it is fixed.

We will correct our mistake as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After your house is complete, if you find a mistake, we will come back and fix it.

How is it to work with you?

We have 2 different crews:

We assign a project manager to your site full time.  Our crew members have been with us for many years and because of the experiance of working together as a team, our crews get things done quickly and with good quality.

The first crew specializes in the rough construction - sight preparation, road construction, laying the foundation, pouring concrete,  putting up walls,  roof, rough electrical, and plumbing.

The second crew specializes in finish work - doors, windows, finish trim work, tile work, cabinet work, finish electrical, final clean up and landscaping  (landscaping has a separate contract, crew and deadline).

We only have one client at a time for each crew.  This means you get our whole attention, and you get an experienced crew that has been hand-selected and trained by us for many years.  WE DO NOT hire different skilled labor for each job, as our skilled workers have been working for us for a long time and also know how to work together as a team to get your house done quickly and with best possible quality.  Most of our helpers have also been with us for years.  We do hire extra helpers as needed.

About how long does it take to build a typical 2500 square foot house with decks?

We typically finish a 2500 square foot house in 9 months after the building site and foundation are ready.  This can vary depending on the season and/or if we have to wait for any shipments of unusual building material.

Building site time can vary from 1 week to many months depending on the road and terrain. A foundation that is on a flat area is much quicker to build than a foundation on a steep hillside that requires pilings and other labor intensive preparations.

Do you build other things besides houses?

We have experience building commercial space, small bridges, greenhouses, roads, culverts, pools, solar and hydro systems.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we guarantee that your house will be built to your plans and specifications.  We give one year warranty

What if we need additional work after our house is completed?

Our clients have priority with us.  If you need something small we will do it right away.  If it is something large you will have priority over any non-client as to scheduling.

What if we change our mind about details of our house?

We will issue a change order, which can affect the price and the completion date.

Can we see your work?

Absolutely!  We have good relationships with our clients and we can arrange to show you the work by appointment.

Can I be involved in my project?

YES!  We encourage our clients to be as active as they can.  You also can help with the work if you wish.  

Do you have a Completion Deadline Guarantee?

Why are we better than other contractors in the area?

How do we work?

What about things that are done wrong?

How long does it take to build a typical 2500 square foot house with decks?

Do you build other things besides houses?

Do you guarantee your work?

What if we need additional work after our house is completed?

What if we change our mind about the details of our house?

Can we see work you have done?

Can I be involved in my project?

Do you have a Completion Deadline Guarantee?

Like some other local contractors, we thought about putting a clause in our contract that says that we would pay you $100 a day if we exceed our completion deadline.  However we believe those clauses are insincere because no contractor would intentionally give a deadline that they were not sure they could make (though we will give you this kind of guarantee if you want).  We decided on what we believe is a better guarantee - that your house will be done quickly.  We will pay you $100 per day for every work day (that is not a legal holiday or with weather that makes it impossible to work) that we do not have a crew working on your project.  This is the best way to guarantee that we will finish your project as quickly as possible.  

Why are you better than other contractors?

First there are many good contractors in Panama.  Our customers like us and reccomend us to all there friends, because of the following reasons:

Quality, having traned with USA contractors we have learned North American quality standards and build to those standards.

Speed, because of our methond of having crews that have worked with us and together for many years and because we put a dedicated project manager on your project we typically complete house faster than our compitition.

Easy to compunicagte with, Victor our owner, speaks perfect english and is almost always available by telephone.

Because of our Detailed Bidding process there are no suprises in the cost of your project, we comple the project at or below the bid (plus any change orders).

Reasonable because of our detailed bids our price is not over inflated.