How we charge

Unique Bidding

Other contractors just estimate more or less how much your project is going to cost then they ask you for an upfront persentage, another percentage with the project is 25% complete another percentage when the project is 50% complete etc.  What does a procect look like when it is 25% or 50% complete??  That is impossible to tell and many people have trouble with the contractor going through all the money and needing more money before the job it done.

At Caldera Constrution we give you an easy to understand schedule of charges see example below.  Everyone can tell when we reach payment points,  It is easy to see the foundation, floors, wall, roof etc.  No guessing.  And best of all because we do a detailed bid we always come in on our bids.  Of course if during the construction process you deceide on more expensive bathroom fixtures or more expensive tile the we change the bid.  

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